Sole Authorised Distributor for Swingtec and Cifarelli Products in the UK and Ireland

Introducing Allpest Equipment Services

Allpest has been in business since 1997, specialising in the sales and maintenance of professional thermal fogging equipment, ulv foggers and misters, cold water foggers and blowers.  

We are the authorised distributor for Swingtec and Cifarelli products in the UK and Ireland and pride ourselves in providing  the best-quality products and personal service.


Swingtec Products

Allpest Equipment services stock and service all Swingtec Products.

Swingfog - Thermal Foggers

Originally, the engine principle served for the propulsion of rockets. Further development of this technology resulted in the Swingfire process.  The idea has been successful in the market for more than 60 years, and the Swingfog brand name has become synonymous worldwide for thermal fog technology.  Their present manufacturing programme is the result of our competence and experience, continuous development, as well as the permanent improvement of our products.  

Fontan - ULV Cold Fogging Applicators - Fuel and Electrically driven

The first engine driven Fontan mistblower was designed and developed more than 60 years ago.  Today, Swingtec's Fontan activities are concentrated on ULV technology and thousands of our products are successfully in use throughout the world with health organizations in the combat of mosquitoes and in vector control.

In 1979, Swingtec introduced the first electrically driven Fontan ULV fine spraying applicator into the market.   The current programme of modern and efficient ULV aerosol generators is based on their wealth of experience.


Swingtec's Aquamobil range of mobile water supply and shower systems are designed for fast and reliable use in the event of an emergency. All the components are matched and are manufactured to withstand extreme conditions. The system can be operated, drawing power either from a conventional power supply or from a generator. The showers are equipped with special water saving nozzles. 


Allpest Equipment services stock and service all Cifarelli Products.

Mist Sprayers

Cifarelli produce the M1200 mist sprayer which is both powerful and comfortable to use and suitable for both professionals and hobbyists.


Cifarelli produce the BL1200 blower which is both ergonomically designed and a high powered blower suitable for clearling large areas including stadiums and sports areas as well as removing fresh snow from plants and streets.

Cifarelli also produce the Silent Blower which has been designed to operate where the noise levels have to be reduced to the minimum - such as golf clubs, holiday villages, hotels or highly inhabited areas.

Servicing and Contracting

Allpest Equipment Services provide a full after care, warranty and repair service for Cifarelli and Swingtec products.  We can also service or repair a variety of other manufacturers machines - so please call for information.

We also provide servicing and repair on site if necessary, please enquire.