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M1200 Powder Kit
  • M1200 Powder Kit
  • M1200 Powder Kit

M1200 Powder Kit

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Brand : Cifarelli

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Cifarelli M1200 Powder Kit Conversion

Tapered 27Ltr powder tank enabling complete emptying of the product.

The kit includes an adjustable sleeve with 4 dosage positions and 5 restrictions which give a varied application rate.

This gives excellent distribution to powders, granules, fertilisers, slug pellets and a variety of seed.

This kit is supplied with tools required for the changeover which is a very straightforward procedure.


The kit for powders and granulars (optional accessory code 0G.346.00), assembled on the M1200 mist blower,  is used to perform protection treatments to crops with powder products (eg sulfur ventilated) or granules (fertilizers), and to spread germinated rice seeds for sowing.

Its use is widespread in organic farming too, where in addition to the need for a uniform distribution, the use of such products is very common.

The large conical shape tank of 27 liters, ensures complete emptying of the product. An adjustable sleeve in four positions with five calibrated bushings (included in the kit), allow an optimal flow control of the output product.

The accessory also includes a system to ground the electrostatic energy eventually accumulated in the treatments. The use of antistatic shoes is anyway always recommended.

The fitting of the accessory on the mist blower is simple, fast and does not require any special tools.  It is necessary to disassemble, if there, the booster pump to prevent its damage.

The packaging consists of a box cm 51 x 33 x 46 by the weight of 4.3 kg.