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Cifarelli V1200 PK (Shredder)
  • Cifarelli V1200 PK (Shredder)
  • Cifarelli V1200 PK (Shredder)

Cifarelli V1200 PK (Shredder)

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Brand : Cifarelli

V1200 PK

The vacuum V1200 PK is especially suitable for the maintenance of parks and gardens and in urban use for the cleaning of streets and communal areas. It allows to collect leaves, also of large size, paper and other lightweight materials in a fast and convenient way.

  • It is ideal to support the work of gardeners, maintenance workers, refuse collectors and all professionals involved in the care and maintenance of urban and suburban green spaces.
  • Long-lasting engine
  • Ultra-lightweight, 16.5 kg: it facilitates the operations of loading/unloading of the van and the application to the sideboard of light vehicles also. It can be used on pick up's, quads, and all the small vehicles with trailers. This allows to reach areas that would be inaccessible for heavy vehicles.
  • Maximum efficiency: it collects and shreds dry or wet leaves, small or large ones. Thanks to the compactness of the material collected you can work for a long time optimizing the time of collection.
  • Suction tube, 6 m length and 150 mm diameter, is equipped with a comfortable adjustable and foldable handle. It is made of highly durable material with steel spiral. Thanks to its high suction capacity, it can also suck up large wet leaves as well.
  • The fan is equipped with 4 steel blades to provide fast and efficient shredding of the aspirated foliage. It is also equipped with a standard water pipe connection for internal cleaning.
  • The exhaust pipe, 1 m length and 100 mm diameter, allows you to very quickly unload the chopped leaves in the vehicle without interrupting your work.
  • The conveyor is provided with an internal protection of rubber, easily replaceable, which protects it from wear.
  • Security, the machine is equipped with a safety device that makes it unusable and automatically turns off the engine if the aspiration tube is not properly fitted.

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CIFARELLI C7 Single cylinder two-stroke, air cooled


77 cc


Two Stroke 25:1


16,5 Kg

Diameter of the suction tube

150 mm

Length of the suction tube

6 mt

Diameter of the exhaust pipe

100 mm

Length of the exhaust pipe

1 mt