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Fontan Mobilstar
  • Fontan Mobilstar
  • Fontan Mobilstar

Fontan Mobilstar

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Brand : Swingtec

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Fontan Mobilstar, Mobilstar M, Mobilstar E & Mobilstar ER

Allpest is the sole UK Authorised Distributor for Swingtec and Cifarelli Products

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The Fontan Mobilstar is a Vehicle moutable ULV aerosil applicator.

The Fontan Mobilstar is equipped with:

  • a 16-18 hp four-stroke engine with electrical starter (also fitted with a manual backup starter)
  • a fuel tank with a capacity of 20 l and level indicator
  • a dry running side channel compressor
  • Two universally adjustable spraying heads
  • A control panel/remote control for operatin gall function sof the applicator
  • A flushing tank for automatic cleaning of the feed lines and spraying heads.

There are a number of models:

Model M

  • Flow rate setting (liter per hour)
  • Interchangeable dosage nozzles with specific flow rates
  • Delivery of the spraying liquid is achieved by a positive pressure in the spraying tank

Model E

  • Flow rate is entered, via buttons, on the control panel/remote control and shown on the display
  • Delivery of the spraying liquid is achieved by a chemical resistant stainless steel gear pump which draws the spraying liquid from the spraying tank.  The output qualntity can be calibrated electronically

Model ER

  • The top of the range model is equipped the same as the Model E, however the flow rate of the sparaying liquid can either be set to "liter per hour" or "liter per kilometre"
  • The applicator is fitted with a GPS system which enables the flow rate to be synchonized to speed when the device is set to liter per kilometer.  The GPS system operates in a speed range of between 3 and 25 km/hour
  • Within this speed range the output quantitiy is controlled exactly such than an even coverage is ahieved, independently of the vehicle's speed

Optional Accessories for all models include a heavy duty dry batter, 12 V, 36Ah.  

Model E and ER have the option of spraying taks equipped with level indicator, big filling opening vents, drainage aperture, mounting and quick release coupling to connect the chemical line - stainless steel (69 l) and Polypropelene (80l, 150l 300l and 500l).

Model M has additional dozage nozzles on special request and an hour meter.

For more information please download the product information sheet or contact Allpest Equipment Services

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Allpest Equipment Services is the sole licensed distributor of Swingtec products in the UK

About Fontan ULV Cold Fogging Machines

The Fontan cold fogging applicators Portastar S and Mobilstar are fuel driven and are Swingtec's oursolution for an efficient, economical and target orientated ULV application.

 Maintenance-free, low pressure rotation pumps, which require no lubrication, produce an air flow at high velocity, which is further accelerated by a swirl vane in the nozzle module. The resulting Venturi effect produces a negative pressure, which draws the spraying liquid, via the suction hose, to the nozzle module, where the liquid is atomized into a fine aerosol fog.

The low pressure method makes it possible to use spraying nozzles that have relatively large bores so that even wettable powder spraying mixtures can be applied without any problems.

Using the advanced design of the blower/stator system, the aerosol droplets are distributed up to a distance of 60 m per blower. Distribution is performed uniformly through horizontal and vertical air circulation.

The flow rate can be determined by a variety of dosage nozzles.

Allpest Equipment Services can provide parts and service Fontan Mobilstar machines.
Please see our Services for further information.