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Aquamobil DH5

Aquamobil DH5

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Brand : Swingtec

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Aquamobil DH7

Aquamobil DH7

For mobile use.

Built in a strong tubular frame

Carried by means of 4 handles

Burner: One stage burner with automatic burner control

Fuel Diesel oil or Heating oil

Protection IP 43

Heating coil and water tubes: Copper

Fuel supply: Quick couplings for suction tube and back flow tube at the heater

Exhaust pipe: Stainless steel, double jacket, can be touched without risk of burning. The exhaust pipe is mountable and removable.

Burner Performance: 63 kW

Water flow rate: 500 – 2200 l/h

Temperature increase: 30° C at 1800 l/h

Shower water: Water mixing battery, pre-selection of water temperature, with a stopper at 38° C Max.

Temperature: approx. 95° C

Power Consumption: approx. 400 Watt Electrical Data: 230V/50 Hz

Electrical Connection: Plug, waterproof, protection IP67

Water connections: Water inlet, D-coupling, with filter and cleaning aperture

Shower water outlet, one D-coupling, with a ball valve Hot water outlet, one D-coupling, with a ball valve

Lacquer: selectable from the RAL scale of colours

Weight: approx. 100 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 48x55x137 cm (without exhaust pipe)

Height including exhaust pipe 207 cm

Short operating instructions are printed at the control board of the heater.

Tools and accessories for the operation of the heater are not required.