Sole Authorised Distributor for Swingtec and Cifarelli Products in the UK and Ireland

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PA1 and PA9 Certification

ULV Thermal/Cold Fogging treatments

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Full service


We provide a full service and complete aftercare for all Swingtec, Cifarelli and Micron products.

A comprehensive range of spare parts are stocked.

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12 months Warranty on all new equipment

Allpest Equipment Services can provide repair and parts under your product warranty.

Allman Models
Servicing of Ex Allman/Jayden

Complete aftercare for Ex Allman/Jayden Thermal Fogging Machines (Swingfog) and Backpack Allman L80, L80A, L3A, M3A Mistblowers and Powerblowers.

All ex Motan foggers/misters are also repaired.

Wide variety of other manufacturers serviced including Dynafog, Igeba and Vectorfog.


National Sprayer Testing Scheme

Allpest Equipment Services is an NSTS test centre for fogging equipment.

Fault Finding

Pressure Testing